Coastline Art Hub's Past Exhibitors

The Coastline Art Hub began in January 2020. We have set up an exhibition space in our Community Hub store on Smith Street, Kempsey. Local artists are invited to showcase and sell their creative works.

We display local Artist’s artwork or photography for sale for a fortnightly period with all proceeds being returned directly to the artist. Our Creative Strategies team then helps set up and display the work and also promotes the exhibition, the Artist and the Artwork on our social media pages.

In 2020, we had 22 different artists display their work in the Art Hub. We have had a wide variety of art ranging from astrophotography, lino prints, folk art, oil on panel and acrylic on saw blades. The art displayed so far has come from the Macleay, Hastings and Manning Valleys.

We recently held an International Women's Day Exhibition which featured 19 artists from across Australia exhibiting their work in the Art Hub. 

During the outbreak of Covid-19, social distancing restrictions made viewing the artwork more difficult and we had less foot traffic through our branch. With some Artists postponing or cancelling their exhibition, the Art Hub has still had a steady flow of Artists keen to continue displaying their work. The Art Hub has had a great response from the Art community and we now have bookings through to October of 2021.

We developed an online shop on Coastline’s facebook page for the artworks to be displayed permanently to assist in more online exposure and the Art Hub facebook page and instagram page have also been created.

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