Are you looking for an exciting new business opportunity?

Coastline believes in the value of small business on the Mid North Coast and invites you to showcase your products within one of our local branches, We are committed to providing local artisans, producers and designers with an opportunity to showcase their products and further develop their businesses.

Coastline Credit Union has designed a retail space in our branches to promote local businesses. Merchandise can be set up by the merchant & sold by Coastline staff with all proceeds being returned directly to the local business. There is no cost to the merchant to participate in the program and they don't have to be a Coastline customer.

The Local Spotlight display can be booked for a two week period giving businesses great exposure to new potential customers.

A Coastline team member can assist you with setting up a visually appealing display to get the most from your time with Local Spotlight.

We welcome enquiries from locals who believe their products could be suitable for our Local Spotlight program.

Coastline reserves the right to assess each request and determine if it meets Coastline's values and vision for the Local Spotlight program.

Requests to book the Local Spotlight space can be sent to and should include a brief background of the business and photos of the products to be showcased.

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