Current Rate Change Environment

We understand that in the current rate environment, you may be looking for more information and options relating to your loan.

Here’s a bit more information about why interest rates are changing and how we can help you during this period…

Why are interest rates changing?

Each month, the Reserve Bank of Australia Board makes a decision on monetary policy.

If it decides a change in monetary policy should occur, it may specify a new target for the cash rate.

Depending on economic conditions at the time, it can decide to ease policy, which is reflected in a new lower target for the cash rate, or it may tighten policy, which means a higher target.

Why is Coastline passing on the rate changes?

When the target cash rate goes up, it makes borrowing money more expensive. Therefore, the RBA’s decision impacts the amount it costs banks to lend to customers. This in turn, affects the pricing of interest rates on a range of products.

What happens if I am coming off a fixed loan?

If your fixed loan term is about to expire, we will notify you when the time comes. Once it matures, the rate of your fixed loan will automatically revert to our variable Standard Investment Loan rate. You may want to talk to us about numerous options when this happens.

What you can do

  • Contact us - We’re here to help, so please feel free to call on 1300 361 066 or drop into your local branch and speak to a Home Loan Specialist about what option suits you best or email us at
  • Get help with budgeting - Did you know Coastline offers a Budget Wise account? Budget Wise helps smooth your bills out over the year into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments, all through our easy to use Internet Banking portal. For more information visit our Budget Wise page.
  • Ask about Financial Hardship - If you are experiencing Financial Hardship, we have a Hardship Assistance team who are trained to help you. Ask one of our friendly team about our hardship policy and how we may be able to assist, or click here for more information.

We appreciate your ongoing support and are focused on helping you find a solution that meets your needs.