Our Bank Statement facility allows you to securely upload your bank statements from any listed financial institution to Coastline's loan staff.  Simply click on the name of the Coastline Staff Member who you are using to begin the upload process.


David Owen
David Ryan
Gary Delaforce
Kim Crotty
Mathew Gee
Trudy Gardiner
Trudy Squires
Rebecca McPherson
Mikayla Thomas

West Kempsey

Janny Shields
Lachlan Townsend
Marika Crilley
Lexie Ferris
Sarah Moir

Central Kempsey

Kristy Wills
Judy Nolan
Christine Witchard
Mitchell Clarke

South West Rocks

Amanda McDonnell
Amelia Tyne
Melinda Casey

Port Macquarie

Estelle De Rubertis
Natalie Dick
Natalie Duffy
Mitch Van Der Veer
Timothy McVerry
Steven Wilkinson
Trent McKeough
Ally Henderson


Jeff Haisell
Tony Berner
Brielle Oxenbridge
Paulette Baker
Teisha Bridge
Ashleigh Bailey
Sophie Meldrum