Coastline Cubs School Visit Program introduces young students to the world of banking and finance. 

Finance is a non-intuitive and to work towards financial literacy, Coastline believes introducing students to the world of finance will prove to be a beneficial endeavour, providing them with a hands-on practical learning experience on the reality of banking and managing finances.

During their visits, students experience transactional based activities such as using a coin counting machine to exchange 5 x$1 coins into a $5 note, which they keep, this initiative is supported by the Community Foundation. Students are then engaged in a guided tour where they are shown the big safe, spin money through the note counter and partake in fun money-based learning activities assisted by our staff. Each student is presented with a goodie bag and certificate at the conclusion of the excursion.

The Coastline Cubs School Visit Program correlates with outcomes in the NSW Education Standards Authority Mathematics syllabus and the Early Years Learning Framework.

While we try to accommodate all class sizes, our branches are fully operational while the excursion takes place and therefore we are limited to maximum of 18-20 students per excursion. This can be dsiscussed on a case by case basis depending on the branch you are visiting and the size of that branch. 

We can come to your school with a modified version of our School Visit program to help make it easy for you and your students to take part in program.

The excursion duration is approximately 1 hour, depending on the size of the group.

Teachers and/or teacher helpers are required to assist with the facilitation of the excursion.

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