Coastline in your community

Coastline sponsors over 40 local organisations across the Macleay, Hastings and Manning Valleys.

Community support and engagement have always been central to Coastline, and we are committed to making a direct practical difference to the communities we operate in. 

Local community organisations and groups are encouraged to apply for sponsorship. 
Coastline has 4 sponsorship categories:

  • Partnering
  • Major
  • Associate
  • Supporter

To apply for sponsorship, please submit a Sponsorship Application Form or print one out and drop it to your nearest Coastline store with supporting documentation.

Please ensure you submit a comprehensive and complete application, providing all the required information in support of your proposal.

Proposals that fall under the following categories will not be considered in accordance with Coastlineā€™s sponsorship guidelines based on brand image and values.

  • Support of political or religious organisations;
  • Denigrate, exclude or offend minority groups;
  • Encourage violence;
  • Creative environment hazards;
  • Present a danger to public health and safety; and
  • Take place outside of Australia.

Please read our Community Engagement Program for more information.