Coastline investing in our communities.

Coastline sponsors over 40 local organisations across the Macleay, Hastings, and Manning Valleys.

Community support and engagement have always been central to Coastline, and we are committed to making a direct meaningful difference to the communities we operate in. 

If Coastline sponsors an organisation, this activity provides a benefit to the community, and in turn this should provide opportunities for Coastline to expand its customer base. The growth of our customer base allows us to continue to invest and increase the percentage of funds invested back in the community.

Local community organisations and groups are encouraged to apply for sponsorship. 

To apply for sponsorship, please submit a Sponsorship Application Form.

Please ensure you submit a comprehensive and complete application, providing all the required information in support of your proposal.

Coastline has 4 sponsorship categories:

  • Partnering

Continuing relationship period, high visibility and strong value proposition, exclusivity, tailored partnership agreement with specific performance requirements.

  • Major

High exposure and visibility in the Community & Organisation, Specific Partnership Agreement.

  • Associate

Smaller events/programs, category sponsor, high exposure & visibility within the organisation/event partnership agreement.

  • Supporter

Prizes & Awards, high exposure within the organisation/event.

The application will be assessed using the following criteria.

  • Whether the applicant’s organisation and project align with the Community Foundation’s vision, values, and strategy.
  • Whether funds are retained for the benefit of the communities which we operate (Manning, Hastings, and Macleay)
  • The project demonstrates a lasting benefit to as many members of the community as possible.
  • If the project seeks to meet a real need within the community and is the project an appropriate response to that need.
  • Ensuring the funding request is realistic and well defined, with a detailed budget provided and quotes supplied to support the budget proposal.
  • Coastline Credit Union Collaboration – if successful the organisation is prepared to work with Coastline to deliver effective marketing activities that highlight Coastlines support of the recipient's project

Proposals that fall under the following categories will not be considered in accordance with Coastline’s sponsorship guidelines based on brand image and values.

  • Support of political or religious organisations.
  • Denigrate, exclude, or offend minority groups.
  • Encourage violence.
  • Create environment hazards.
  • Present a danger to public health and safety
  • Take place outside of Australia.

Please read our Community Engagement Program for more information.