Financial hardship support

Coastline understands that life is unpredictable and financial circumstances can change.

Illness, death in the family, relationship status changes, unemployment or reduced income can all put a significant strain on your finances and make it difficult to meet your loan or credit card obligations - but we’re here to help.

As a responsible lender, Coastline Credit Union has always had a long standing commitment to support and assist our members during times of financial difficulty, and we remain committed to doing so.

How can Coastline Credit Union help you?

We have available our Hardship Assistance team who are available to help you. We’ll get an understanding of your current circumstances and from this look at how we can best support you now and into the future.

We might be able to assist by:

  • lowering your contracted repayments and extending the term of your loan
  • applying a short repayment break until you are again able to meet your contracted repayment. 

The sooner you are able to contact us to explore your options, the better.

How can I access this support service?

To assist you, we will need to understand your circumstances.

You can either:

What other support is available to me?

Coastline Credit Union encourages members to seek independent advice about their personal financial needs. The following links may help you to access local assistance and information.