Education @ Glasshouse Grants

The Education @ Glasshouse Program shares similar values with Coastline, in that we both exist to support the people who live, work and interact in the communities in which we operate.

The partnership presents the opportunity to build positive relationships with our local schools and highlights our commitment to support education outside of the classroom and within the broader community.

Coastline is committed to growing local youth participation in arts. Schools and teachers are encouraged to apply for assistance through the Coastline Community Foundation to help with costs associated with attendance for the Education @ Glasshouse events.

The Coastline Community Foundation is just one of the ways Coastline shows tangible support to our local communities – by aiding organisations that benefit the local communities.

How can Coastline help your school access the Education @ Glasshouse Program?

The Foundation can provide financial support to assist with costs directly associated with accessing the Education @ Glasshouse program.

 Some of the ways in which the Foundation can help your school include:

  • Bus Subsidies;
  • Ticket Costs;
  • Workshops being delivered on school campuses;
  • Costs of Teacher’s Professional Development Opportunities; and
  • Assist with costs associated with special needs / disadvantaged groups.

You can apply through here: 

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