Coastline believes in facilitating access to a range of wellbeing services to our members and the wider communities in which we operate.

Did you know that what your child eats can impact their concentration and happiness? 

This partnership will help our communities to understand how nutrition is playing a role in our children's learning, behaviour and resilience and what they can do about it.

Scientific research shows the quality of food consumed impacts health, leaning, behaviour, resilience and academic results.

Mad Food Science - July School Holiday Event! 

Join us for a hands on, engaging and fun family school holiday workshop, delivered by The Root Cause. Mad Food Science helps build healthy eating habits in your home and makes light work of preparing your child's school lunches.  

The 90 minute workshop is aimed at primary school aged children (5 years - 14 years) and is designed to kickstart behavioural change in homes around food and sustainability, through education and inspiration!

Upcoming workshops

Thursday, 11th July 2024  /  2pm - 4pm  /  Glasshouse Port Macquarie


For more information about The Root Cause visit