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Kim Madden

23 May 2021

Kim Madden

Photo: Kim's artwork on display in Coastline's Art Hub, located within the Community Hub at 26 Smith Street, Kempsey.

We'd like to welcome Kim Madden to our Art Hub. This new initiative is 100% free of charge, with all proceeds returned directly to the artist. Find out more here:

An enthusiastic traveller in Australia and overseas, Kim’s paintings often reflect this. Buildings, urban scenes, figures and still life are favourite subjects but following several long road trips across Australia, including a visit to Alice Springs with several fellow artists, she started to focus on landscape. The desert landscapes with their amazing colours, structures and silence were an initial inspiration but now coastal scenery fires her imagination too.

Kim first picked up a pencil and brush in 2004 soon after retiring to Port Macquarie. Initially, she concentrated on learning to draw, then watercolour and lastly oil and mixed media. She has been fortunate in having several excellent local teachers. Kim says “Learning to be good at anything takes time, practice and perseverance. It is a journey of discovery without end. To continue to evolve and improve an artist must be willing to constantly learn, to take risks and experiment, to dare to fail. Then of course there are the wonderful friendships, ones makes with fellow artists, with opportunities to share ideas, techniques, adventures and a little bit of madness. It is exhilarating at this, the pointy end of life to find a new and beguiling passion in art”.

Kim has been fortunate in winning a number of regional prizes over the years for watercolour, still life and more recently, oil, as well as participating in several major small group exhibitions with several artist friends at Port Macquarie’s Glasshouse Regional Gallery, the most recent were Snowline to Sandune in 2021 and Heartfelt in 2018.

Kim’s work can be seen at
HVFAA Gallery, Town Beach Port Macquarie
Instagram Kim Madden 2216
Facebook Kim Madden

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