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Crescent Head Playgroup receives funding

07 June 2021

Crescent Head Playgroup receives funding

Crescent Head Playgroup receives funding to upgrade their resources!

Playgroup is all about creative and unstructured learning through play, which is essential to children’s development, as it helps them explore and understand their world. A strong connection between children and their parents and carers is integral to positive early childhood learning and development. Plus, shared experiences within families and communities have tangible and lasting benefits.

The playgroup environment fosters and supports relationships that not only enhance children’s development, but create a lasting, mutually supportive community of support. Ultimately, these connections contribute to stronger, more socially connected communities.

Essentially, playgroup is one of the first and most important social networks for children and families. 

The Crescent Head Community Hall in Baker Drive serves as a venue which can be booked for private functions and is regularly hired by many local clubs and community groups including the Crescent Head Playgroup.

The Crescent Head Playgroup has been running for over 20 years and re-established in 2020 with a new committee consisting of three local mums who are passionate about their vision of creating a wonder filled and engaging space for children to learn, grow, play, and have fun.

Coastline were thrilled to partner with the Crescent Head Playgroup to help bring their vision to life by providing $2,000 in sponsorship funding.

Committee member, Sarah Hammersley said “the key outcomes from Coastline’s sponsorship is to upgrade the resources we have available to enable us to continue providing this much-loved community service to the area.”

“The types of resources we are looking to upgrade and include within our playgroup are arts and craft materials, soft playmats and cushions for babies, balls and gross motor play equipment, sandpit toys, construction materials, science and STEM based activities.”

Parents of the playgroup were recently surveyed by the committee inviting them to share their feedback on why they enjoy playgroup. One family said “Opportunities for interaction for my child and a fresh and predictable environment away from home each week."

The playgroup meets every Wednesday during school terms from 9.30am – 11.30am and welcome new families to join.

“We regularly welcome new families to the community and want to be able to encourage them to return weekly so that our connections and bonds are strong, bringing the African proverb of 'it takes a village to raise a child' to life.” Said Sarah.

Cost is $1.50 per person, free for infants under 1 years.