Introducing Coastline's Art Hub!

Located in our Community Hub at 26 Smith Street, we have an exhibition space set up where local artists are invited to showcase their creative works. We display artworks for sale for a fortnightly period with ALL proceeds returned directly to the Artist.

This exhibition is free to view and free to display. We invite you to come into our store and support our local artists by enjoying their work.

Art on display this fortnight:

Nicola Mcleay

9th - 20th May


We welcome Nicola Mcleay to the Coastline Art Hub exhibition for the next fortnight, 9th - 20th, May. 

Nicola McLeay is a New Zealand born professional Realism Artist and owner of public exhibition space 'Lighthouse Gallery', located in Port Macquarie NSW.

Her focus is on translating the beauty she sees in the world onto an eclectic range of media surfaces for others to enjoy. She produces original New Zealand and Australian landscapes, portraiture and unique custom made snowboard art. Nicola takes pride in using the highest quality of products to create her masterpieces for strength and longevity. Handmade Langridge Oils' from Melbourne are her medium of choice for such finely detailed and comprehensive brushwork.

Nicola has worked for and with numerous art galleries over her 19 year fine art and graphic design career. Having gained valuable experience dealing with commercial and private art collections, corporate art leasing, home staging, exhibition design and retail sales.

Nicola grew up on a large scale high country farm in the mountainous region of the deep south of NZ. A picturesque but very challenging environment from snow blizzards and extreme frosts to spring blossoms and lush green hills. This lifestyle undoubtedly moulded her appreciation for the beauty of nature and continues to influence the art she creates.

Nicola has completed over 200+ personalised commissions above and beyond her gallery affiliated sales, her works of art can be found in collections all over the world. Her originals are increasingly desirable as she displays her constantly evolving style, impressive technical skill & eye for detail.
"I am passionate about what I do & take great pride in every individual development of an Artwork. Each one is unique but with a distinct style which I call my own." - Nicola McLeay

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