Introducing Coastline's Art Hub!

Located in our Community Hub at 26 Smith Street, we have an exhibition space set up where local artists are invited to showcase their creative works. We display artworks for sale for a fortnightly period with ALL proceeds returned directly to the Artist.

This exhibition is free to view and free to display. We invite you to come into our store and support our local artists by enjoying their work.

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We have already had a range of Artists display their work in our Art Hub! 

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Artist on display this month:

Bernice Daher

10/05/2021 - 22/05/2021

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Bernice has been painting her entire life, undergoing study at the Julian Ashton Art School and working with various community based artists over the years to develop her skills.
While she has occasionally sold works through local art galleries and exhibitions, the vast majority of her work has been private commissions or sold privately through her website.
Her work has also been auctioned to raise funds for local and national charities such as Spinal Cord Injuries Australia and the MS Society. Overall, her art has taken second place to full time work and raising a family, but now she is retired and seeking to gain more success as an artist.
Concentrating mainly on portraiture, she also paints landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and still lifes. Bernice started painting in oils but has focused mainly on pastels, drawing and a few acrylic works over the past 10 years.
Her passion though has always been portraiture and this has been central to the private commission work she has undertaken in the past.
Bernice has exhibited in art shows in Sydney and here on the Mid North Coast, where she has been successful in gaining awards in Pastels, drawing and mixed media. She has also been successful to be included in the Northern Exposure for the past three exhibitions.
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