Introducing Coastline's Art Hub!

Located in our Community Hub at 26 Smith Street, we have an exhibition space set up where local artists are invited to showcase their creative works. We display artworks for sale for a fortnightly period with ALL proceeds returned directly to the Artist.

This exhibition is free to view and free to display. We invite you to come into our store and support our local artists by enjoying their work.

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We have already had a range of Artists display their work in our Art Hub! 

Who has already exhibited in the Art Hub?

international womens pic webpage.jpg

This month we are celebrating International Women's Day with a month long exhibition in our Art Hub featuring female artists from across the country.

01/03/2021 - 27/03/2021



Our featured artists include:


Giang Duong

Going to the Ball #3
Sale Price: $220

Giang Duong.jpg

Kirra Witchard

Sale Price: $80

Kirra Witchard.jpg

Denise Mcdermott

Maleficent #2
Sale Price: $200

Denise Mcdermott IWD.jpg

Fi Muras

Healing Portal
Sale Price: $800

fi muras.jpg

Heather Hauser

Miracles of Life

heather hauser.jpg

Johanna Ireland

Cloud Reflections
Sale Price: $400

jo ireland.jpg

Sue Burrows

Day at the Beach
Sale price: $500

Sue burrows.jpg

Sarah Miles

Wiradjuri Woman
Sale Price: $222

sarah Miles.jpg

Christine Witchard

Sale Price: $100

Jill Cairns

Big Cloud Day
Sale Price: $1,150

jill cairns.jpg

Judy Jelsma

Sale Price: $890

judy Jelsma.jpg

Kathryn Batchelor

In Dreams I am

Kathryn Batchelor.jpg

Kim Madden

Roma Bellissima
Sale Price: $650

kim madden.jpg

Mahalia Williams

Elements of Woman
Sale Price: $510

mahalia Williams.jpg

Melissa Kellett

Sale Price: $450

Melissa Kellert.jpg

Sonica Joshi-Mann

An Ode to Her Love
Sale Price: $400

sonica joshi-mann.jpg

Linda Lockyer

Celebrating Evie’s Birth
Sale Price: $900

Linda Lockyer.jpg

Martha Lynch

Sale Price: $300

martha lynch.jpg

Terri Maddock

Sunshine and Lemons
Sale Price: $295

Terri Maddock.jpg

To get involved, jump onto Coastline Art Hub Facebook page and ‘like’ your favourite Artwork- they could then win $500 and you go in the running for a $100 giftcard. 

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