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Coastline Community Foundation Sponsors Humanitarian Clowns’ Compassionate Clowns Seniors Project in Macleay Valley

28 May 2024

Coastline Community Foundation Sponsors Humanitarian Clowns’ Compassionate Clowns Seniors Project in Macleay Valley


The Coastline Community Foundation is delighted to announce its sponsorship of $11,640 to Humanitarian Clowns, in support of the Compassionate Clowns Seniors Project. This initiative aims to bring joy, laughter, and companionship to nursing homes throughout the Macleay Valley region, significantly enhancing the lives of elderly residents.

Tim Webster, the Founder of Humanitarian Clowns, expressed his gratitude, saying, “Humanitarian Clowns are incredibly grateful to Coastline Community Foundation for their generous sponsorship of our Compassionate Clowns Seniors Project. Thanks to their support, we can continue to bring social visits, games, organised activities, and volunteer recruitment drives, generating lots of joy, laughter, and smiles to nursing homes across the Macleay Valley region, making a positive impact on the lives of residents and their families. Together, we’re spreading happiness one visit at a time!”

This initiative aligns perfectly with Coastline Community Foundation’s focus on community and cultural enrichment. By involving local volunteers, the project will strengthen community bonds and promote empathy and support for elderly residents. Additionally, therapeutic clowning enriches the local arts scene by leveraging performing arts techniques to bring joy and entertainment to nursing home residents.

The Compassionate Clowns Seniors Project will employ trained volunteer clowns to engage nursing home residents, particularly those with dementia, through therapeutic clowning. These clowns will use laughter, storytelling, magic, music, and creative expression to create a positive environment and improve emotional well-being.

The funds provided by the Coastline Community Foundation will be utilised in several key areas. Enhancing the project’s media and online presence will attract more volunteers and potential supporters, ensuring its sustainability and growth. A thorough and professional recruitment drive and onboarding process will be established, fostering a committed and skilled volunteer base.

Moreover, the purchase of specially designed, non-perishable props for aged care and dementia patients will promote a positive and engaging experience tailored to their unique needs. Organising social events for volunteers will strengthen relationships within the volunteer community, fostering a supportive environment and increasing long-term commitment.