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South West Rocks Public School to receive 1000 new guided readers! 

07 December 2020

South West Rocks Public School to receive 1000 new guided readers! 
Image: Coastline South West Rocks Team Leader Amanda with Mrs Angela Mainey, Mrs Fiona Lewis (Principal) and students Of SWR Public School. 

The Coastline Community Foundation has pledged its support to South West Rocks Public School and its students’ literacy development with a grant for $12,000. 

The $12,000 grant will allow the school to purchase, cover and store 1000 new Price Milburn (PM) readers. 

PM readers are levelled with a gradual increase in difficulty and there are over 1000 titles including fiction and non-fiction texts. Teachers use these texts as part of their guided reading sessions, developing students’ reading and comprehension skills.  

The staff at South West Rock Public School appreciates the value of high-quality guided readers to assist their student’s progress in literacy. The school community is looking forward to the arrival of the new books to further extend the number and variety of books available.   

South West Rocks Primary School teacher Angela Mainey said the inclusion of more PM readers helps teachers provide their students with consistent practice of new concepts whilst exposing them to numerous topics and allowing opportunities to use and develop their knowledge of the world. 

When hearing about the grant, the students in Year 1 and 2 were very excited about the new range of books they will soon have to read in class. 

Helping their students develop fully as individuals and live satisfying and rewarding lives is a critical component of the South West Rocks Public School’s strategic plan. 

‘If a child has difficulty reading, their ability to complete tasks independently in all subject areas will be affected,’ said Mrs Mainey. ‘We want our students to have the best possible chance to be competent readers.’ 

‘The staff and students at the school are extremely grateful to Coastline for this generous donation.’ 

The new PM readers will be ready for the beginning of the 2021 school year.