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Westpac Ends Agency Banking Services

09 December 2020

Westpac Ends Agency Banking Services


Westpac have made the decision to end their agency banking services with smaller financial institutions, including Coastline.  This means that our customers can no longer use Westpac affiliated deposit banking services.

Deposit services affiliated with Westpac will begin to change from the 31st January 2021.

What are my options?

Internet Banking & MyCOAST

The easiest and quickest way to move your money is via electronic transfer using Internet Banking or the MyCOAST Mobile Banking App.


From 1st February 2021, Coastline members can utilise Australia Post’s Bank@Post service.

At participating Post Offices, you can deposit cash and cheques into your Coastline account. Be sure to take your barcoded Bank@Post deposit book with you to complete these transactions.

If you'd like to find out more about Bank@Post services, visit their website.

Cheque Books

From 31st January 2021 only cheque books containing BSB 704 189 will be processed.

Next steps...

Ordering a Bank@Post Deposit Book

New deposit books with a unique Bank@Post barcode will be automatically issued to customers that have used their existing deposit book within the last 12 months. ‚Äč

If you would like to utilise the Bank@Post depositing service or if you are unsure if you have used your existing deposit book in the last 12 months, please contact us on 1300 361 066 or visit your local Coastline store to order a new deposit book.

Ordering a new Cheque Book

If you require continuation of your chequing facility and a new cheque book with the BSB 704 189, please visit your Coastline store, or contact us on 1300 361 066.

Important Details about Bank@Post

This is a deposit service only.

Cash accepted at participating Post Offices is limited to bank notes and coin to a maximum of $9,999 per account per transaction. A maximum of $20.00 of loose coin will be accepted.

Due to system constraints, the maximum number of cheques allowed in one transaction is limited to 99. The total value of cash and cheques must not exceed $999,999.99.

Clearance of deposited cheques at Australia Post can take up to 7 banking days.

Fees & Charges may apply from 1st March 2021.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by these changes to Westpac’s agency service.