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Get Prepared for Storm Season

30 September 2019

Get Prepared for Storm Season

Six steps to be ready for unexpected storms

In Australia, we’re becoming more vulnerable to increasingly intense storms, especially in the warmer months when we’re thinking more about the beach variety of water than it coming from the sky. And when they come, they do so more frequently than any other major natural hazard bringing lightning and sometimes hail. Heavy rain can also cause flash flooding and high winds can damage homes and cars, blow down trees and cause power outages.

Consider these six steps to help get storm ready and better prepared for the unexpected and check out NSW SES StormSafe for more practical tips before, during and after a severe storm.

  1. Look outside your front door Secure or put away outdoor items when not in use (and if you’re on holidays).

  2. Don’t forget the gutters and drains
    Also, check that roofing is waterproof and trees are stable – trimming them can make them more wind resistant. And please take the proper precautions for using a ladder or working on the roof.

  3. Don’t forget the homes of your pets
    Ensure your pet’s outside homes are protected in the same way as your home.

  4. Consider where you park your car (and boat, bike, skateboards, etc.)
    Avoid parking under trees, ensure leisure equipment is secure and securely moor your boat.

  5. Remember electricity can travel through telephone and cable TV lines
    Also, turn them off at the socket whenever not in use to save on power bills – that computer screensaver or TV red light can add up to 10 per cent of your bill according to Energy Australia*.

  6. Don't forget the paperwork 
    Regularly review your insurance policy and ensure it cover all the types of storm events that could happen and reflects renovations or new fittings that may increase the value of your home. And when looking at comprehensive car insurance, you can choose between an agreed value or market value – the premiums differ so check that the cover is adequate to buy you a similar replacement vehicle


Check out the CGU home and contents calculators and then contact Coastline to up your coverage if needed.


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