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Round 1, 2021 Community Foundation Grant Recipients Announced

14 July 2021

Round 1, 2021 Community Foundation Grant Recipients Announced

Over $64,000 in Coastline Community Foundation Grants Received!

Each year Coastline provides 5% of its operating profit to the Coastline Community Foundation as a way of showing our tangible support to the community. Since its inauguration in 2002, the Coastline Community Foundation has provided over $1,000,000 to over 250 worthy local causes who have benefited from Foundation grants. The Foundation’s goal is to provide support to organisations that provide lasting benefits to local communities. We received an extraordinary number of high-quality applications in the April, 2021 round of applicants, with over $220,00 in applicants received. Coastline would like to thank everyone who applied for the Coastline Community Foundation Grant program. After an extensive and judicious assessment process the following projects will be funded.

Chatham High School (Taree):  The Coastline Community Foundation has supported the hospitality students at Chatham High School with a grant for $10,500. The grant has enabled Chatham High School to purchase and install a coffee machine for their Food Van. The Food Van is utilised by the hospitality students and teachers, they attend local markets and other community focused events to work out of the van selling bacon and egg rolls, small cakes and drinks. Attending these events allow the students to experience real life situations within the hospitality industry, which is invaluable to their skill progression. By adding hot beverages to the menu, Chatham High School will be able to raise extra funds, the funds raised by the Food Van are transferred back into the school for resources for the students, including Year 12 fundraising for their upcoming end of year events. The coffee machine will also allow the students to learn the art of being a barista in their Year 11 and 12 VET course.

Crescent Head P&C Association: Will receive $6,000 which will be used to purchase and install a pizza oven, outdoor serving area with centenary paving and a vegetable garden. The pizza oven and outdoor area will be utilised by the P&C, teachers and students whenever there will be a school event or fundraiser. The area will allow the teachers, parents and students to come together to prepare, cook and serve fresh pizza. The pizza oven will elevate the atmosphere at school events and will assist with raising extra funds for the school. The vegetable garden will allow students to grow produce to use on the pizzas.

East Kempsey Public School: East Kempsey Public School has received a grant for $13,486 to create a dual-purpose learning space. The space will include new seating, the amendment of a damaged retaining wall and new foundation and paving. This new space will support the students in their education and mental wellbeing as it will be utilised as a welcoming eating area where the students can build integral social skills. It will also be used as a versatile outdoor learning space where the students will be able to collaboratively develop their education whilst enjoying the open space.

St Joseph’s Primary School (Kempsey): The Coastline Community Foundation supported St Joseph’s Primary School and its students’ practical learning de­velopment with a grant for $25,000. The grant will enable the school to create outdoor learning space for their students.

 The new learning space will consist of multiple areas such as “Messy Math” which is a program that teaches the students components of maths such as volume, measuring and fractions using sand and water. The space will also include a dedicated writing shed and decked area with space for students to develop their writing skills, blackboard walls for recording ideas, sensory walls for wellbeing and learning including a music wall, movement wall linked to science and mud kitchen area for imaginative play. The space will be utilised in both learning and play time.

Macleay Pensioners League: The Macleay Pensioners League Hall is utilised by many groups of the community such as the Kempsey Macleay Table Tennis Club, The Clyde Street Quilters, exercise and craft groups. The hall itself is a wooden structure with a metal roof, situated in Clyde Street in the town centre of Kempsey. In summer, the heat inside the hall is oppressive, conversely in winter it is freezing. With the $9,900 the Foundation has funded, the Macleay Pensioners League purchased and installed three new air-conditioning units for the Pensioners Hall. The installation of the air-conditioning units will enhance the facility by allowing all the members of the local community to comfortably use the hall during all seasons.

The Coastline Community Foundation is just one of the ways Coastline shows tangible support to our local communities – by aiding organisations that benefit the community. The Foundation provides project funding to not for profits groups within the following areas: health and wellbeing, youth and education.

Coastline was overwhelmed with applicants this round; we would like to encourage new and existing applicants to (re)apply for the next round of grants in September via our website