Coastline Community Foundation

At Coastline, we're big on helping our local community. We proudly offer our customers the same range of personal and business banking services and products that any big bank can, but with one huge difference - we exist solely to support the people who live, work and interact in our community. 

Since inauguration in 2002, Coastline has provided over $900,000 to over 250 worthy local causes who have benefited from Foundation grants.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide support to organisations that provide benefits to local communities. Each year Coastline provides 5% of its operating profit to the Coastline Community Foundation as a way of showing our tangible support to the community.

The Coastline Community Foundation is just one of the many ways Coastline Credit Union gives back to the community. The foundation was established in the communities of Macleay, Hastings and Manning Valleys to provide financial support to organisations that benefit these communities.

  • Volunteer Organisations
  • Family Support Groups
  • Tourism & Promotion
  • Environmental Organisations
  • Education (libraries, special schools, learning aids, amenities, etc.)
  • Community Assets (halls, sports fields, equipment, playgrounds, etc.)
  • Health (hospitals, pensioner’s league, etc.)

The Coastline Community Foundation operates under the umbrella of Coastline Credit Union.

The annual funding allocation to the Foundation is calculated at 5% of Coastline’s net profit.

Granting of Awards
The Coastline Community Foundation is empowered to grant awards to applicants in line with budget considerations.

Grant Amounts
Grants considered are usually between $2,000 and $10,000 and up to $20,000

Application Process

Please use our Sponsorship Application Form to submit your proposal.

To apply for a Coastline Community Foundation grant you must clearly outline how the project will benefit the communities in which Coastline operates.
Refer to our Coastline Community Engagement Program for more information!