The new MyCOAST App features a fresh new look,  improved security and convenient new features. 

Here are just some of the new features you will experience with the new version. 

  • New Dashboard allowing customisation 
  • Personalise your account names
  • Send/Receive Secure Messages
  • Secure App Registration 
  • Share Transaction History
  • Improved Look Whos Charging
  • Improved Alerts/Notifications 
  • New Quick Balance widgets 
  • Enhanced Interest and Tax Information

To ensure a smooth transition to the new MyCOAST App, please ensure you are familiar with your customer number (member number) and Internet Banking password. These details will be required to register the new MyCOAST App.

If you need assistance with your log in details, please contact our friendly team members by calling 1300 361 066 or by visiting your local Coastline Branch.

Also required for the registration process is your current Australian mobile phone number which is used to authenticate the device application process. Please ensure you have provided your up to date contact details to us.

We have created a list of frequently asked questions below to assist you with the transition to the new MyCOAST App.


Q: Will the login settings from Coastline’s existing MyCOAST App transfer across to the new MyCOAST App?

A: Unfortunately - no.  You will need to login to the new MyCOAST App  with your Internet Banking Customer Number and Password.  A new PIN will also be required (it can be the same PIN used in the current MyCOAST App).

Q: Is there anything a member can do now to ready themselves for the new MyCOAST App?

A: Yes!  Ensure that you know your Customer Number, along with your Internet Banking password. Also required during the registration process is an up-to-date Australian mobile number that is used to authenticate the device application process.

Q: What happens if I do not update to the new MyCOAST App?

A: Access to the current MyCOAST App will be maintained for around 60 days from the new MyCOAST App release. The existing technology used to support the current MyCOAST App will be decommissioned and it will no longer function.  A number of alerts will be sent reminding you to update the MyCOAST App before it ceases to function.

Q: Will I need to reload any of my Payee Favourites or Scheduled Payments?

A:  No – these are all system based,  they are saved and can be viewed and amended on both the MyCOAST App and via the web version of Internet Banking [].  

Q: Does the new MyCOAST App work on larger devices (e.g., iPads/tablets)?

A: Yes, the new MyCOAST App will work on larger devise in Portrait Mode only. 

Q: Does this app allow for multiple Customer Numbers to be used?

A:  At this stage, no, however this is one feature that has been raised and is currently being reviewed for possible inclusion in a future release.

Q: What Biometrics (security) does the new MyCOAST App support?

A:  The new MyCOAST App supports both device-based PIN Code and/or Face-ID (where Face-ID is supported by the device being used).  Face-ID will be prompted for use during the device login and set-up.

Q: Is there a difference between the MyCOAST App versions with Secure Mail?

A: Yes, Secure Mail is now clearly marked as such.  You can create a secure message and can also read any response from Coastline within the new MyCOAST App.  General Feedback information is clearly labelled and will not be sent via the Secure Mail channel.

Q: Does the new MyCOAST App have any operating system version limitations compared to the current one?

A: No, the new MyCOAST App will currently support the same iOS or Android versions as that of the current MyCOAST App.  This may change in the future should device-based security options warrant it.

Q: I have a MyCOAST App feature suggestion, who do I send this to?

A: We are open to all suggestions from our Members.  These can be sent to for us to review and provide feedback.  We can also let you know if the feature, or something similar, is scheduled for delivery in the MyCOAST App soon.


We've put together a quick refernce How To guide to help you navigate the most commonly used functions within the new App.

How to make Transfers:

  1. At the bottom of the App click the Transfer button.
  2. To transfer funds between your own accounts, press the button titled “Between Accounts”.
  3. Pressing the Pencil icon on either the From or To Sections will allow you to change your desired account.
  4. After choosing the desired accounts, enter a value in the Amount field.
  5. A description is not required but can be added to help keep track of transfers.
  6. You can choose to transfer the fund Now, Later or to set up a Recurring Transfer.

How to make External Transfers

  1. At the bottom of the App click the Transfer button.
  2. To send funds to someone else or another financial institution, press the button titled “To someone else”.
  3. This will display the Recent Accounts you have transferred to or your Favourites. Pressing on one of these Accounts will begin the process of paying that account.
  4. To Pay a new account press the “Create” Button at the top right.
  5. This will give you the option between BSB/Account Number, PayID or Another Member.

How to check Balances

  1. At the bottom of the App press the Accounts Button
  2. This will display a list of your Accounts and the current balances.

How to Make a Secure Email

  1. At the top left of the App press the Envelope Icon
  2. This will take you to “My Mailbox”. Here you will see Inbox and Sent
  3. To Send a Secure Email press the “Create” Button at the top right.
  4. This will allow you to compose a Secure Email.
  5. Once you have chosen who will receive the email, added a Subject and Wrote the email you can press the Send Icon in the Top Left.

How to Rename and Reorder Accounts

  1. At the bottom of the App press the Accounts Button
  2. This will display a list of your Accounts and the current Balances.
  3. Press the Setting Icon in the Top Right corner.
  4. Here you can change your Default Account, Reorder Accounts and Rename Accounts