General Information on Disputed Transactions and Chargeback Guidelines

A chargeback is the right that we exercise on behalf of a member holding a debit or credit card (the cardholder). It is a right to chargeback responsibility for a credit (or debit) card transaction from the cardholders Financial Institution to the merchants Financial Institution.

It is recommended that cardholders try to resolve their disputes with the merchant directly as the issue may be able to be resolved between the member and the merchant saving time. If this fails then the cardholder should advise Coastline credit Union to start a chargeback process.

If you dispute a credit or debit card transaction we will promptly claim a chargeback right on your behalf where one exists. However, to enable us to do this, you must dispute the transaction to us within the required timeframe, 45 days from the purchase date. You should notify us immediately if you become aware of an unauthorised transaction on your credit or debit card. 

A Merchant may represent a transaction to the cardholders account under the Visa Dispute Resolution rules within 45 days from the chargeback processing date. The merchant will have to provide sufficient reason to represent a charge back. If this occurs the member may have the right  a pre-arbitration.

For more information on chargeback rights and disputed transaction guidelines, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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