Disputing a transaction

Do you have a transaction on your Visa debit or credit card that you think is unauthorised or incorrect? Do you have an issue with goods or services you’ve purchased?

Here are some steps to take before contacting us.

Step 1 – Check the details of transaction

  • Could the purchase have been made by a family member?
  • Is it possible that the Merchant is operating under a trading name? Check to see if you have other transactions with similar details
  • Check the date of the transaction and try to think of what shops you visited on that day
  • Is the transaction for a regular membership, subscription or app download?
  • If you have ordered goods or services from the Merchant, check the delivery information such as delivery address and due date
  • If you returned goods or services to the Merchant and was advised a refund would be made, check that the credit has been processed to your account
  • If you definitely believe it is fraud, contact Coastline as soon as possible

Step 2 – Contact the Merchant

  • Contact the Merchant to try and resolve the issue first
  • If you wish to cancel recurring or subscription billing on your card, you must first contact the Merchant as soon as possible
  • We can help with most transaction enquiries but only the Merchant can help with the following issues:
    • Refunds or exchanges if you have changed your mind
    • Membership fees and monthly subscription enquiries
    • Issues with any software you have downloaded

Step 3 – Complete Visa Dispute Form and Contact Coastline

    • Complete the Visa Dispute Form [if you need help to complete do not hesitate to contact us]
    • If you don’t contact us within 90 days of the date of the transaction, we may be unable to initiate a dispute with Visa
    • As part of the dispute process, we will ask for any supporting documentation such as:
      • Transaction documentation
      • Copies of any email communications you have had with the Merchant
      • Delivery information
      • Details of the goods or services purchased / ordered
      • Return details if goods / services were returned to the Merchant in exchange for a refund
    • Return completed Visa Dispute Form and all supporting documentation to one of our branches or email to mail@coastline.com.au

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We'll submit your request to the relevant financial institution and will endeavour to resolve your dispute within 45 days.

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