Sell more with Square!

 The latest merchant facility offered to Coastline's business customers!

Square Reader lets you accept chip and contactless cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay anywhere. Connect wirelessly, accept payments quickly and get your funds fast!

Features and benefits

  • No ongoing contracts
  • Deposits received as fast as next business day
  • Same rate offered for all major cards


per insert, tap or swipe


per keyed-in or online transaction

Getting Started

Getting up and running with Square is quick and easy:

  1. Sign-up for your free Square Account through the ‘Find out more’ link
  2. Pick up your Square Reader in-branch or by calling us
  3. Download the free point of sale app available for Android and iOS
  4. Connect your reader to your smart phone or tablet
  5. Start taking payments

Alternatively, contact us for help getting started or to answer any questions you have.

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