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Get Prepared, be ready for anything

31 August 2020

Get Prepared, be ready for anything

How prepared are you?

We all face emergencies: whether as large as a bushfire or as personal as a home accident. Emergencies can be devastating in ways you don’t expect. But there are simple and practical steps you can take to protect the people you love, your own wellbeing and the things you value most. The more prepared you are for emergencies, the less stressful they become. You’re more likely to have a sense of control during the emergency and afterwards.  However, only 1 in 5 have thought about preparing for an emergency, and only 1 in 20 have actually done something about it, like creating an emergency preparedness plan.

An easy way to prepare is:

  • Think about being in an emergency situation and how you might react. This will help you stay calmer and respond better when an emergency happens.
  • Find out where to get important disaster information, like your local radio emergency broadcaster. This means you’re better informed when an emergency happens.
  • Get to know your neighbours. They’re the people who might support you and look out for you when an emergency happens.

Get Prepared App

Get Prepared is a simple, easy-to-use app that helps people access information and tools to complete an emergency plan on their phone. The app will help people prepare for any type of emergency. 

Key Features

  • Keeps your emergency plan close at hand on your mobile
  • Helps you to store key contacts and emergency actions all in one place, ready whenever you need it.
  • Helps you do simple things to make you safer. That could be creating a quick support network, completing tasks tailored to you, setting reminders for important things, or sharing your plan with loved ones.
  • It also gives you step by step instructions to prepare your mind, get in the know, get connected, get organised and get packing.

Get Prepared was co-created by Australian Red Cross and IAG, Australia’s largest general insurer. We share a commitment to helping Australians prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters and unexpected events.

And don’t forget, another way to make sure you’re prepared is by checking that your insurance is up to date. Contact us on 1300 361 066 to check your insurance policy.