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Counterfeit Currency Warning to Retailers

10 January 2018

Counterfeit Currency Warning to Retailers

Police have been notified of a number of counterfeit $50 notes being passed to retailers in the Taree area in the last week.

Information to help identify counterfeit notes is available on the RBA Website and also on the Police news post below.

We would like to warn retailers to be alert for this crime and follow these tips to help identify the notes.

* customers not buying anything just asking to change the $50 note into smaller denominations like 2 x $20 and 1 x $10.
* customers making a very small purchase and paying with a $50 note
* despite the appearance of the $50 note looking used it will have a very new feel about it. (Think about what a new $50 feels like when it first comes out of the ATM)
* the current notes have not been aligned correctly during manufacture and there is a faint silver line along the top and bottom of the note
* the clear window containing the southern cross will feel smooth instead of raised stars. (Try running your fingernail over it)

These are very good fakes so please be vigilant. If any person receives a note please contact the Taree Police immediately. If you are in an store with CCTV try to record the exact time and date of the transaction. If you happen to refuse to change a note that you believe may be counterfeit still contact the Police and provide time and date so we can work on who may be committing this crime.

Any person who has information relating to this matter is asked to contact Taree Detectives on 02 6552 0399 or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.