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Coastline's kids account has arrived

05 August 2019

Coastline's kids account has arrived

Coastline unveils kids account – “Coastline Cubs”

Today marks the introduction of Coastline’s kids targeted account “Coastline Cubs” aimed at 0 – 11-year old’s inclusive. This account will offer our younger community members an introduction to banking and finance.  

Educating how to best manage money and instilling responsible financial foundations into the kids of today is another way that Coastline give back to the people who live, work and interact in our community.

Creative Strategies Specialist Kath Reynolds has stated Coastline Cubs aligns perfectly with Coastline’s values and culture, showing our commitment and tangible support to our community.

“As a local financial services provider, we feel it’s our duty of care to lead kids on an informed path when it comes to making financial decisions,” Mrs Reynolds stated.

Finance is non-intuitive to humans meaning knowledge on interest-bearing accounts or the benefits of saving does not come naturally.

“We identified an opportunity in the local market to encourage early interactions with financial literacy in our young community members,” said Mrs Reynolds.

Our Coastline Cubs account’s key features include the following:

  • No monthly account keeping fees;
  • 2.50% p.a. interest rate (as of 5 August 2019, subject to change without notice);
  • Deposit and withdraw money over the counter;
  • 24/7 fraud protection; and
  • Learn the value of money and savings.


You can open a Coastline Cubs account by visiting your local Coastline store or calling 1300 361 066.