Check out our helpful hints and tips when it comes to switching to Coastline


Of course, if you wish to add all your regular payments to your Coastline account yourself you can. This can be completed contacting each company that debits or credits your account and let them know you’ve made the switch to Coastline. You can also log on to Internet Banking to set recurring payments, transfers and BPAYs.

Here are some forms you can user to assist you with this process:

Switch Direct Debit Details
Switch Direct Credit Details
Switch VISA Card Details
Switch Share Dividends Details

We can assist you with this process. We simply need you to complete a Switch of Regular Payments Arrangement Form and Notice of Variation of Account Details and drop it into your local Coastline branch. Alternatively you can send these completed forms to

Salary payments

Let your employer know that you’ve switch bank accounts. We’ve made it easy for you to transfer your salary over to your new Coastline account. Simply fill out a Salary Transfer Form and send it through to your employer.

Smart tip

Leave money in your departing financial institution account to cover any payments. This will ensure you aren't charged any penalty fees if you miss a payment.

You can close your old account once you have:

  • Transferred your direct debits and credits
  • Printed out your 'pay anyone' list and BPAY payments from your old online banking account
  • Notified all your merchants of your new debit card number or account number

It's important that you eventually close your old account because even if you have a nil balance in this, you may still get charged account keeping fees.

Ring your bank and find out what you need to do to close your account.

Your current financial institution is required to provide a Regular Payments List to AusPayNet Mailbox within 3 business days upon a valid request.

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