Sending money via Draft

How does a Draft work?

A Draft is like a bank cheque made out in a foreign currency. It’s another way for you to make payments and settle a transaction
overseas, especially if you don’t have the receiver’s electronic bank account details. Drafts can be sent overseas via mail and are
available in a wide range of currencies.

Why should I use a Draft?

  • Access to more than 25 currencies.  Click here for more details. 
  • Can be enclosed with letters or invoices and forwarded direct to the payee

  • Should your Draft go missing in transit, upon your notification, Western Union Business Solutions will normally be able to put a
    stop on it and issue a replacement. Conditions apply – click here for a Drafts Product Disclosure Statement. 

  • Offers security around payment - Drafts are a non negotiable instrument and can only be credited to the payee's bank account, unless the payee has endorsed the draft.

What transfer details do I need to supply?

  • For us to arrange the draft you will need to provide us with the details of the person you're sending money to (beneficiary).
  • Person’s full name
  • Person’s full street address
  • Any special instructions for the transfer
  • Currency and amount

How do I arrange a Draft?

  • Complete the Foreign Drafts Order Form - Download the form here
  • Send us a secure message from within Internet Banking with the transfer details
  • Fax the transfer details to 02 6562 8940
  • Drop into your nearest branch

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