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What is your Budgeting Style?

01 June 2018

What is your Budgeting Style?

What is your budgeting style?

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Managing money is an important skill to have in life, particularly if you want to live comfortably,
achieve your financial goals and get ahead.

Getting ahead, it sounds simple in theory – earn more, spend less - but it’s not so easy in practice.
Set a budget, stick to it and get on top of your finances – right? Without a budget you won’t know
how much you have spent or what you can and can’t afford. It’s like driving at night without your
headlights on.

What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. Some of us love to live in the
detail, whilst others prefer a birds-eye-view before making decisions that affect their financial
wellbeing. Our appetite for risk and our motivations also vary, depending on our stage of life and
unique circumstances. Life often throws us a few hurdles and whilst we may be flush with cash one
month, we can find ourselves struggling to keep up the next.

The best budgeting solution is one that is easy to manage, makes our life easier and helps us achieve
our financial goals faster.

The challenge is finding the right budgeting solution and then getting started. That’s where Coastline
can help you – remember your goals are ours! We care about you and want to help you achieve your
financial goals. We have done the research and think we have found one of the best budgeting
solutions available – it is called ‘Budget Wise’ and its available for Coastline Members.

Key features;
• Convenient way to pay bills
• Smooth your bills out over the year into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments
• Simple and easy to use with Coastlines Internet Banking
• No time to jump online? Drop your bills into your local branch for payment
• Low monthly fee

What our members are saying about Budget Wise;

"Budget Wise has been a lifesaver.  Before, our budget was very bumpy.  My husband is on a salary and  paid monthly, while I receive my wages on a weekly basis.  Being a family, with two young children,  rising living costs and endless bills,  we found ourselves constantly shuffling money from one account to another, trying to keep money aside for bills.  We were living week to week, some weeks having extra money to spend on luxuries and other weeks just scrapping by and borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.  We were spending so much time and energy keeping up with our expenses, it was quite stressful.   Now, things are a lot easier,  knowing that our bills are taken care of and we have a fixed weekly amount allocated  to cover our bills, which means no nasty surprises!   We can easily track our bills and spending, and we are saving for that rainy day! It's a great product, we love it!"

Kath & Gordon - Turners Flat NSW

This simple cash flow smoothing means you can say goodbye to bill stress and get back to doing the things you enjoy most.

Make life easy. Ask for Budget Wise today and get some bill smoothing into your life.

If you want to regain control of your finances, stop living pay cheque to pay cheque or just want to
get ahead with your savings, then ask for Budget Wise today and get some bill smoothing into your

Register your interest today!