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Building the passion for teams across Australia

11 November 2020

Building the passion for teams across Australia

Our local community has pioneered some iconic Australian brands such as Akubra, Kookaburra School Supplies and Nestle’s Milo into Australian life and it looks like the Macleay Valley is on its way to produce another industry leader.

If you attend a sporting gala day, you will no doubt spy the Team Spirit Sports logo on a team’s shirt dashing around the fields in a flurry of vivid and original designs.

Team Spirit Sports specialise in custom made teamwear for community organisations and business, be it cricket shirts, rugby jerseys all the way to promotional items such as lanyards and pens.

“If you have an item that needs to be customised in some way, we can source it through one of our suppliers,” said co-director Jarrod.

Team Spirit Sports has come a long way in 15 years with former CEO’s James and Marika Lancaster establishing a unique business model that current co-directors Jarrod and Jeremy Lipscombe carry on today.

“It was great to work with the Lancaster’s because we were able to get a gauge for our customers and experienced all sides of the business from engaging with customers, to reaching out to the factories,” said Jeremy.

Team Spirit Sports has evolved, especially in recent years with the company expanding their factory network, offering a range of teamwear items including netball, cricket and school uniforms and the Lipscombe brothers’ credit this advance to their culture around customer service.

“All our staff are efficient in communicating with our customers and our turnaround time with orders is something we pride ourselves on, which we try to deliver on time, every time,” Jarrod said.

Jeremy states that working with community organisations is a stand out experience for the company as many of these individuals are volunteers on committees and with the little time they have on their hands already, they dedicate this to making our communities a better place to live.

“It is very rewarding when we can take a lot of that pressure off them and ensure they will get their gear on time but my favourite part is when they open the box for the first time, the smiles on their face is very rewarding; it’s like Christmas!”

Like all companies, Team Spirit has had to overcome mountains of challenges in their industries competitive landscape but in doing so, they have remained a leader in their field, honing in on their unique online business model to provide quality custom made teamwear nationwide.

“Traditionally we are an online based business, and this has really given us the ability to reach and service Australia wide and even with the Nauru Olympic Committee!” Jarrod said.Embroiding Machine

With this growth saw busy periods based around sporting seasons catch the team by surprise in their initial premises in Gladstone, where boxes of stock would flood the office space.

“The facilities we had in Gladstone did not allow the capacity to hold stock, so with
the support of Coastline and to be able to plan and dedicate our time to build the new warehouse we are in now has been fantastic to cater for our growth in staff and business,” said Jarrod.

The Coronavirus Pandemic’s ramifications can be felt across all industries across Australia and the world, jeopardising one of Team Spirit’s vital lifelines.

“COVID-19 has and still is certainly a big challenge we are facing as basically overnight, all sporting competitions had stopped with our main source of income drying up and we are only now starting to see a bit more movement back in that market,” said Jeremy.

But not letting this adversity deter them from their vision, they used this time to work on some key developments that they are really excited to rollout in the next six months.

“We are creating a new website which will be very interactive for the customer and have features that will allow customers to purchase uniforms instantly and also design their own uniform, select the sizes and place the order, which will be good for smaller teams like indoor sports,” said Jarrod.

There are no doubt some exciting times coming up for the crew at Team Spirit Sports as they continue to break new ground in their industry and supply clubs and schools across Australia with quality custom made teamwear.