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Preliminary Notice of Annual General Meeting

25 August 2021

Preliminary Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 55th Coastline Credit Union Ltd Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 11 November commencing at 5.45 pm.

Call for Director Nominations

In accordance with the Constitution of Coastline Credit Union (the Credit Union), the terms of office of Directors Matt Ryan and Tony Ferris end at the 2021 Annual General Meeting.

Notice is hereby given that nominations are called for two (2) Director positions that will become vacant.

Matt Ryan and Tony Ferris are eligible for re-election, continue to meet the eligibility requirements of the Constitution and have indicated their intent to nominate for re-election.

Should the total number of nominations exceed the number of vacancies, Members of the Credit Union will be invited to participate in an election via electronic or postal ballot.

Members who are considering nominating should be aware of the significant statutory responsibilities and necessary time commitment required to act in the office of Director.

To nominate, a candidate must be eligible for election under Clause 46 (Qualification) of the Credit Union’s Constitution, be nominated by two (2) Members, and consent to the nomination.

Candidates considering nominating should be able to provide significant enhancement to the diversity of the Board of Directors and have experience in:

· Identifying, assessing, and controlling threats to an organisation’s capital and earnings;

· Cultivating a positive reputation with the public through various communications, including traditional media, social media and in person engagements; and

· Successful business adaptation and changing services delivery in a digital environment, preferably in the authorised deposit taking (ADI) sector.

In accordance with APRA’s Prudential Standard CPS 520 Fit and Proper, all nominees must be assessed as having the required fitness and propriety to hold the position of Director. Nominees will be required to provide a Statutory Declaration and Consent Form allowing the Returning Officer to collect the necessary personal information to make this assessment.

The forms and information required to nominate are available through the Registered Office located at 64 Elbow Street, West Kempsey or by contacting the Company Secretary on 6562 0103. The forms must be completed in full for each nomination and forwarded to:

The Returning Officer

Coastline Credit Union Limited

PO Box 3119, WEST KEMPSEY NSW 2440

Nominations must be received at the above address by no later than 5.00pm on Thursday, 16 September 2021.

By Order of the Board

Peter Townsend

Company Secretary

19 August 2021