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30th Trial Bay Triathlon

05 February 2019

30th Trial Bay Triathlon

The history of triathlon

Triathlons have been one of the most rapidly growing sports in the world since the first recorded Tri event, held 24th September 1974 at Mission Bay, San Diego.

Though difficult to trace, history suggests the evolution of triathlon stems back to early twentieth century France. The sport debuted at the Olympics at the Sydney games in 2000.

Triathlons can be completed as both a team or individual event, and combine swimming, cycling and running in the one event.

The Olympic or standard Tri event comprises a 1500 metre swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run.

30th Annual Coastline Credit Union Trial Bay Triathlon

This year marks the 30th annual tri event held at Trial Bay, South West Rocks.

Our coastal home boasts the perfect climate for outdoor sports in summer, and Trial Bay is the perfect position to host a triathlon, with the picturesque bay the starting point for the first leg of the tri.

Competitors will swim 500 m through the bay before mounting their bikes for the 23km lap around Arakoon National Park and into the seaside town, the course ends with a 6km run on road, cross country and beach.

Each year approx. 700 competitors from all over NSW & Australia wide visit South West Rocks for the Trial Bay Triathlon.  It is a great community event run by volunteers and enjoyed by many spectators which helps boosts the local seasonal economy.

The sport is made popular by the variety of course options and the unique age group concept, offering competitors a race with friends their own age and not ability. The Tray Bay Triathlon club offer a junior event held on Saturday, 9th February from 10am, with shorter distances and shallow water courses mapped out for the younger children.

Coastline have proudly supported the event for over 15 years and our very own General Manager, Peter Townsend will be competing in his 20th triathlon on Sunday, 10th February at this very event.

Peter has been involved in many local triathlon events and is a great supporter of the sport. With the sport comes a great deal of discipline and commitment to training.

Peter has these tips for anyone thinking to enter a triathlon event.

  • Stay committed to your training, consistency is key.
  • Set the goals you want to achieve
  • Alternate and train in each leg even if you are stronger in a leg, whether it be the swim, bike or run.
  • Swim in open water, this is much different to swimming laps at a pool.
  • Trial the course ahead of time
  • Write a list, ensure all your gear is packed the night before the race and triple check you haven’t left anything behind.  
  • Stay hydrated and eat healthily in the lead up and on the day
  • Practice for smooth transitioning between legs, many competitors loose time here.
  • Avoid the middle of the pack when completing the swim leg, other competitors’ arms and legs will be a distraction and will slow you down
  • Break up the run leg, when your legs feel like jelly and your muscles start to fatigue, it is much easier to push through shorter goals than to look for the 6km mark
  • Enjoy yourself and do your best!

Catch all the action from the 30th Annual Coastline Credit Union Trial Bay Triathlon below: