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Coastline launches a brand new initiative!

30 October 2019

Coastline launches a brand new initiative!

For the first time Crescent Head Public School will be offering scholarships to their students who excel in extra-curricular activities.

The school’s Parents and Citizen’s Association has teamed up with Coastline Credit Union in a three-year partnership to launch the new initiative the Coastline Cubs Scholarship Program.

Five scholarships will be awarded each year to students from kindergarten who are applying themselves in everything from music, drama and dance to sport or volunteering in the community.

 “This is a first for our school, the P&C and for Coastline Credit Union so we are excited about the longevity of the partnership and opportunity these scholarships will give our students,” P&C president Samantha Townsend said.

Students will need to apply for the scholarships, which will be judged by former principals of the school as well as current principal Cameron Upcroft.

“We are very pleased with the generous support shown by Coastline’s investment towards our initiative,” Mr Upcroft said.

Coastline general manager Peter Townsend said the scholarships complemented their commitment to encouraging early financial literacy within its Coastline Cubs demographic.

 “We know just how important education is within our society and a partnership with our schools really is an invaluable investment for us,” Mr Townsend said.

By developing the Coastline Cubs Scholarship program, Mr Townsend said other schools within the Macleay, Hastings and Manning Valleys would have the opportunity to apply for their assistance.  

“Coastline’s vision has always been centred around helping and showing tangible support to the community,” he said.

The Coastline Cubs Scholarship program is made possible by our commitment to the Coastline Community Foundation, which pledges 5 per cent of its annual net profit to give back to the community.

The scholarships will be presented to the students at the school’s end of year presentation in December.

Written by Sam Townsend - President CHPS P&C