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Welcome Roger Gifkins

07 June 2020

Welcome Roger Gifkins

Photo:  Roger now has Artwork on display in Coastline's Art Hub, located within the Community Hub at 26 Smith Street, Kempsey.

We'd like to welcome Roger Gifkins to our Art Hub. This new initiative is 100% free of charge, with all proceeds returned directly to the artist. Find out more here:

Roger grew up in a family of scientists and gained an interest in science and astronomy from a very early age. He then went on to study physics at the University of Melbourne and UNE.

Roger built an 8 inch telescope from scratch, grinding the mirror by hand from a disk of Pyrex. He used this telescope for observing over the next 40 years. It wasn’t until he retired that he launched into astrophotography, buying a smaller scope more suited to imaging which is now has a permanent home in an old shipping container!

“I love to photograph distant galaxies as well as nebula within our own Milky Way galaxy with the occasional solar system photo as well”

One of Roger’s photos was awarded “Image Of The Day” on an international astrophotography website and he recently won the solar system category at the Tamworth Regional Gallery astrophotography competition.

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