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Meet Myrna Komar

15 March 2020

Meet Myrna Komar

Photo: Myrna's artwork on display in Coastline's Art Hub, located within the Community Hub at 26 Smith Street, Kempsey.

We'd like to welcome Myrna Komar to our Art Hub. This new initiative is 100% free of charge, with all proceeds returned directly to the artist. Find out more here:

Myrna says, "the process of creating art is both pleasurable and challenging, but it is mostly a continuous learning experience

I am interested in the way a painting - a flat, inanimate object - can evoke feelings, especially those of joy, whimsy, wistfulness or serenity. I believe the 'aesthetic response to colour harmonie' is responsible for stimulating these feelings and for that reason much of my study has focused on colour.

When I paint, my aim is not to render an object per se, instead I record the pattern of coloured and textured shapes. When I step back, the shapes coalesce into things, people and places. It feels like magic.

Painting is my key to the secret garden, my way down the rabbit hole, my looking glass.

The brushstrokes are an important part of the painting. Applied boldly, the energy remains in the mark and enlivens the painting.

One can pursue painting for a lifetime because it is endlessly filled with discovery and experimentation. I invite you to share that journey with me".

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