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Introducing Gemma Stylz

05 July 2020

Introducing Gemma Stylz

Photo: Gemma now has Artwork on display in Coastline's Art Hub, located within the Community Hub at 26 Smith Street, Kempsey.

We'd like to welcome Gemma Stylz to our Art Hub. This new initiative is 100% free of charge, with all proceeds returned directly to the artist. Find out more here:

Gemma Stylz was born in Lambeth, London in 1982. Raised near the southern coastal city of Brighton in Sussex, UK, she followed new opportunities for work development to Australia in 2011 and became a permanent resident shortly afterwards.

Gemma has a strong artistic background, drawing and experimenting with different mediums every day since very early childhood. She completed two Higher National Diplomas in Fine Art and Illustration with merits and distinctions at Northbrook College UK, 1999-2006 and has developed work in a large range of mediums.

With preferences in Acrylics and oils, she has an extensive range of work in digital mediums, on paper in traditional pencils and coloured markers as well as work on canvas. She specialises in figurative illustration, wildlife and portraiture with highly detailed embellishments, striving to achieve high standards of realism whilst maintaining contrasts in colours or subject matter.

The canvas work she produces often has a wildlife or figurative element with a sentimental entanglement, representing subconscious or emotional states and is often influenced by dream symbology. She has also developed a signature style of fun cartoony illustrative designs featuring people and animals which is popular in her commercial work.

Her designs have been adapted from over a decade of professional tattoo and design experience from across four continents. Whilst working as a traveling tattoo artist from 2009-2013 she took part in seminars and workshops internationally with industry titans such as Horiyoshi (Tokyo, Japan) and Jeff Gogue (Oregan, USA) and applies these techniques in her fine arts career. Current known art works are held in private collections internationally in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, the USA and the UK.

Gemma regularly exhibits in the Great Lakes region, some recent shows include the annual Killabakh day in the country, Forsters Lake Street Gallery, Gloucester galleries joint exhibition ‘Coalescence’ as well as Sydney’s annual 'Cranium' exhibition and solo show 'Satori' at Tora Sumi in Balmain, NSW. She has been awarded first place prizes for drawing and painting at Nabiacs annual art show for three years consecutively and has a number of awards from art shows and conventions internationally. A few Influences include the artists represented by ‘Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’, surrealist illustrator James Jean, hyper realism artist Joel Rea and Japanese figurative portrait artist Ozabu, and she is passionately inspired by Japanese culture, contemporary and traditional.

Gemma Stylz owned and operated as resident artist at Great Lakes Studio and gallery in Tuncurry, NSW from 2015-2017, closing the business and semi-retiring from commercial tattooing to focus full time on developing a new body of visual art work and creative merchandise. She works in a private studio in remote rural NSW, where she is actively involved with the local artists of Wallamba society and contributes to other local art groups. She curates and takes part regularly in new shows and exhibitions and occasionally teaches small workshops. She is also producing a new line of illustrated merchandise under her independent brand and has a line of children’s wearable art and educational colouring books called Little Ozzies in production.

You can stay up to date with new work and events by following Gemma on social media via the links below. Contact her by email or through her website if you’d like to offer feedback or make an enquiry, and have a look at the fun new children’s range Little Ozzies online on Facebook and Instagram

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Facebook - Gemma Stylz, visual art services
Instagram - Gemmastylz
Little Ozzies Website -
Facebook - Little Ozzies
Instagram - Little_Ozzies -

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