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Deb Broughton's 'Happy Art'!

27 September 2020

Deb Broughton's 'Happy Art'!

Photo: Deb now has Artwork on display in Coastline's Art Hub, located within the Community Hub at 26 Smith Street, Kempsey.

We'd like to welcome Deb Broughton to our Art Hub. This new initiative is 100% free of charge, with all proceeds returned directly to the artist. Find out more here:

Deb has lived on the Mid North Coast for the past 8 years. She started painting professionally in 2003, and her art has grown to a brand and style recognised Australia-wide.

Deb prides herself on original ideas and quality products which turn first-time buyers into life-long collectors. Art came naturally to Deb as a child. She was fortunate in that creative development was just part of everyday life in our household as she was growing up.

Deb finds it hard to define her art in terms of a formal style as nothing traditional seems to fit. Most people say “wow, that’s really happy art” so ‘Happy Art’ is how she generally describe it!

“ I’m happy when I create and happy if my work puts a smile on someone’s face”.

Deb loves colour! She admires other artists that also use bold colour like Van Gogh and other French Impressionists. Deb loves the artists of Broken Hill such as Pro Hart, Peter Browne and Howard Steer. She is attracted to light-hearted, whimsical styles. Humour in art is important to me and there are usually one or two jokes in my paintings. I’d rather make someone smile than produce a technically good painting.

“We are lucky to have such a diverse range of artists here on the Mid North Coast. I’m on the committee of the Macleay Valley Art Gallery and the talent that comes though is just outstanding”.

View Deb’s Art can viewed on: or on her facebook page 

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