Verified by Visa

Coastline Members can enjoy the freedom of shopping online with the unparalleled protection of Verified by Visa.

Ready to go

The Verified by Visa service is free. And if you have a Visa card with Coastline Credit Union it's already registered so you can be confident you’re transacting in a safer, more secure online environment.

You won’t even know we’re there

Unless Verified by Visa detects a certain degree of risk with your transaction, you won’t even notice the program is working behind the scenes to protect your privacy - and you won’t be interrupted on your way to the 'checkout'.

So how does it work?

Each time you make an online purchase, the Verified by Visa program assesses the risk level of the transaction. Certain activity may seem out of the ordinary – maybe because it’s a high dollar value, or a retailer you’ve never bought with before. In these instances you may be asked to confirm some simple personal details so Visa can be sure the card isn't being used fraudulently.

Set yourself free

There is no need to fill out any forms or remember another password. If you have a Visa card with Coastline Credit Union you’re registered with the new Verified by Visa so you’re good to go.


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